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Four Rooms (1995)

Directed by Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell

Starring Tim Roth, Amanda De Cadenet, David Proval, Jennifer Beals


Obviously an attempt to make a playful movie, like From Dusk Till Dawn. A “why not make a shitty movie with all of my friends since we have so much money now” kind of film. Overall, a low-grade film. Rodriguez’s segment with the kids saved the movie. It was so damn funny. Tarantino is a horrible actor, though. He should at least have lines to say, and not BS use his shitty monologues as the substance of the scene or use “fucking” to glue together his sentences. Tarantino continues his tradition of cheesy animated screen graphics and making jokes about or copying older films, even his own (with the tasty beverage Pulp Fiction). As a whole, the Tarantino segment was pretty gay, except for the finger-chopping, which was funny. A new addition to the Finger-Chopping Club. It’s too bad this film didn’t have an all-encompassing plot which forged the four rooms together into a single story and a real movie.

Roth was surprisingly good with his comedy, but I think he may have overdone it at times. At certain moments in the film, his physical comedy was supposed to carry the scene instead of the drama at hand. It didn’t work. Roth played what I think would have been a perfect role for me. A victim of circumstance, reaction through comic expression. Jennifer Beals is hot. Great speaking voice, too.

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