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After Life (2019–2022)

Starring Ricky Gervais, Tom Basden, Tony Way


Very dark, very raw, and very tragic. There are a lot of interesting relationships here, but it’s the Tony’s slow transition from the lowest depths of despair to hopeful that is the most fascinating journey.

All of this darkness makes the comedy that much more effective. Gervais’s performance and dialogue is marvelously sarcastic.

A courageously vulnerable performance by Gervais. If you’re familiar with Gervais, you can also see how the script has also become a platform for his social comment. Quality characters, casting, and acting all around. Even the new girl is good. Gervais coaxes wonderful performances out of everyone.

Quite reminiscent of The Office, with many of the comic beats, timing, and camera angles the same. This is Gervais’ style.