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Farha (2021)

Directed by Darin J. Sallam

Starring Karam Taher, Ashraf Barhom, Ali Suliman


In a horrifying, depressing, but beautifully simple way, Sallam shines a light on a bit of history that many may not be familiar with. As the first movie I can think of that makes the Jews the bad guys, it’s definitely making me rethink things a bit.

This story is hard to watch, evoking the same sense of dread, isolation, and resourcefulness as Castaway, but this one is much heavier and more suspenseful. It even ends on a depressing and hopeless note. You don’t watch this movie to feel good.

Karam Taher is a good choice for Farha, combining innocence with an unusual cuteness somewhat akin to Alicia Silverstone. This movie is 95% her, and it’s an amazing performance, hard and authentic, perhaps Oscar-worthy. Surprised she hasn’t done any other acting.

Nicely shot. Love the day-to-night, sunny-to-cloudy transitions.

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