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Alexander (2004)

Directed by Oliver Stone

Starring Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer, Anthony Hopkins


Obviously a tribute to the historical figure. An epic story, but a bit slow and rolling, making the running length seem much longer than it really is. A few moments of real drama and some gripping action scenes punctuate the storyline. Some of these battles we’ve never seen before. The elephants were incredible, and Alexander’s fall was a magical moment. The visual effects accompanying his fall were lush and effective.

A lot of the other effects, like the eyelined Persians, monochromatic and dusty battle sequences, jarring camera movements, and softly lit and sepia-toned interiors were reminscent of the Valentino films of the 1920’s. Set design, background effects, props, and costuming were all incredible. Wonderful opening and closing credits.

The Vangelisian music definitely sets a mood but is almost too Bladerunnerish for a historical piece that should use more traditional instrumentation.

Farrell is pretty good in the role, although he flirts with overacting at times. Then again, that could be Stone’s doing. The overt homosexuality didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would, although a fleeting glimpse of Farrell’s scrotum was less than appetizing. The young Alexander was very well-cast and well-performed. I find it strange that all of the characters have Irish accents except for Jolie’s, who has a Greek accent.

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