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Aliens of the Deep (2005)

Directed by James Cameron, Steven Quale

Starring James Cameron, Anatoly M. Sagalevitch, Genya Chernaiev, Victor Nischeta


Some cool effects, and Cameron attempts to make something that was more “real” than the Hollywood stuff he normally makes, but the space effects and Abyss-like finale of an intelligent underwater civilization were steps in the wrong direction. The space exploration animation was truly awesome, but I’m not sure how relevant it really was to the story.

Cameron was obviously trying to play up a sense of wonderment from the young, wide-eyed scientists, but they just got annoying.

Would have liked to see more, and larger, sea creatures. In the theater, this film was upstaged by a trailer for a different movie about sharks, featuring bigger things with very effective 3D effects. While the 3D effects in this one are pretty cool, but some of them are shot too close. Trying to focus made me cross-eyed and almost hurt. Seems to be a common flaw with some of the recent Imax 3D releases.

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