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Babies (2010)

Directed by Thomas Balmès

Starring Bayar, Hattie, Mari, Ponijao


An interesting look at different cultures with lots of cute, touching footage. A bit too much umbilical cord and scrotum for my taste, but the rest is fun to watch.

Should be required viewing for all parents-to-be. While it’s interesting for me to see all of this stuff, I wonder how interesting it is for parents who have seen it all. Why would they want to pay money to go to the theater and listen to babies cry?

Great camerawork, considering babies are quite a bit like wild animals. You can’t predict what they’ll do or where they’ll go. We’re spoiled with mostly cute footage, but I wonder how much footage they actually shot. Surely they have miles of film in which nothing interesting happened, or, worse, where something awful happened. The last shot was perfect.

Wonderful score. It adds just the right amount of innocence and magic to many of the scenes.

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