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Bigger Stronger Faster* (2008)

Directed by Chris Bell

Starring Chris Bell, Mike Bell, Mark Bell, Hank Aaron


A good effort by Bell. Very personal. He explores the problem by talking to an impressive number of people, thoroughly trying to show both sides of the issue. But which side is he on?

Either way, I’m not sure that arguing for or against steroid use really addresses the root problem. Why are there people who want to look like that? It’s the not the media, like the film suggests. People wouldn’t watch the movies or buy the magazines or respond to the ads if there weren’t neurons inside their brains that fired up a pleasurable response when seeing those kinds of images. Why are our brains like that? That exploration into why the American psyche is so broken is what really interests me.

Like Bell says at the end, but only glosses over through most of the film, “Steroids are not the problem. They’re just another side effect of being American.” Now let’s take a look at all the side effects of being American, and why these side effects exist.

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