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Born Yesterday (1950)

Directed by George Cukor

Starring Judy Holliday, Broderick Crawford, William Holden, Howard St. John


Slow. An incredibly slow start for what is supposed to be a comedy. Maybe a couple of funny moments, but that’s it. That card-playing scene was OK. I like the way she talks. A few dated lines that wouldn’t work today, like “pulled a boner”. If this movie was at all realistic, that last line would have gotten them a ticket. Why the title?

More like a political commentary than a comedy. A lot of emphasis on the freedom documents (the “Right to Bear Arms” is emphasized). Interesting line, “It’s a free country. That’s what you think.” There’s that swastika wallpaper again. The most interesting quote is “A world full of ignorant people is dangerous to live in.” I agree.

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