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Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016)

Directed by Sharon Maguire

Starring Renée Zellweger, Gemma Jones, Jim Broadbent, Sally Phillips


Everyone’s back except Renée Zellweger. Amazing job returning with most of the original cast, but Zellweger’s obvious plastic surgery and skinniness are jarring when she’s supposed to be playing the same character. If this is the new Bridget Jones, maybe work that into the story an explain the transformation. And maybe they strip the awkward self-deprecating jokes about her fatness that just don’t make sense anymore.

The new addition here is Patrick Dempsey as Jack. With no backstory, this character is like a stock male lead in a Hallmark movie who wandered onto the wrong set. Dempsey’s got a nice smile, but he’s a straight-up doofus who delivers completely stiff dialogue and is utterly hopeless at comedy and wit. Major downgrade from Hugh Grant. Sheerin’s presence, even in a cameo, is forced.

Why show that Cleaver is alive at the end? That’s just confusing. How were they sure enough about his death to hold a funeral for him? Is the only reason to continue the story in another movie with Hugh Grant?

An obvious attempt to recapture the character and mood of the first two, but the story is awfully predictable and forced. What’s a guy like Jack doing at a music festival by himself? Chance meetings with Darcy come from a mile away. And the comedy is awfully flat. Bridget falls down in the mud. Really?

The biggest problem is that, for the majority of the movie, Bridget is out for a dicking, not true love. We’re supposed to care about her? Then when Bridget gets pregnant, she isn’t upfront and honest with either potential father. We’re supposed to respect her?

In the end, we’re given perhaps the only dramatic ending for Bridget that would have been satisfying. It is somewhat touching, though I’m sure it’s because of the character development in the first two films and not because of anything that happens in this one. With no children in real life, I wonder how personal this story was for Zellweger.

Awful CGI effects at the music festival, out of car windows, and through the windows of Bridget’s apartment. Lots of conflicting comments on feminism. Is that a misplaced apostrophe in the title? What’s going on here?

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