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Chasing Amy (1997)

Directed by Kevin Smith

Starring Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams, Ethan Suplee, Scott Mosier


Brought back a lot of tough moments with women that I have gone through myself. I liked the drama, but I didn’t like the comedy. I just don’t like Smith’s comedy, and that makes me worry about Fletch 3. Most of the dialogue seems too scripted and unnatural. I hate it when there’s unnatural dialogue but the actors just try to play it off like it’s completely natural. I suppose that’s ultimately the fault of the director and not the actors.

Affleck was OK but stale at times. Lee was great, probably the best performance of all. Adams was pretty good too. Adam is right. An exact cross between Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Tilly, with maybe a little Jewel thrown in there too. Seeing Kevin Smith as Bob was kind of an ego thing I think, but his “Chasing Amy” speech hit close to home for me, so I’ll let him off the hook.

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