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City Island (2009)

Directed by Raymond De Felitta

Starring Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies, Steven Strait, Emily Mortimer


Light and fun characters and dialogue, but the dramatic arc to this story is a bit stretched. I get that it was all a big set-up for the dramatic final scene, but most of the movie leading up to that point is a little slow.

Surprisingly great performances from the ensemble cast. Garcia’s always been appealing, but he doesn’t often carry a movie. Here, he’s great in the lead role. Sure, it’s not the most dramatic role, but he’s good. Margulies and Mortimer, who I never thought much of, both shine in supporting roles. Ezra Miller is exceptionally loose and funny. Strait, a mix of Henry Cavill and Game of Thrones’ John Snow and is good but his character is a little too nice, I think. They could have amped up the scary with him. A fleeting cameo of De Niro and Scorcese would have been great. I’m sure Garcia is friends with them.

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