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Crash (2004)

Directed by Paul Haggis

Starring Karina Arroyave, Dato Bakhtadze, Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle


Ethereal music mixed with smooth, polished photography, set to multiple storylines that bounce around between several different characters. The same formula as Traffic.

Solid performances. Dillon and Bullock Fraser wasn’t as annoying as he usually is. Danza was a surprise. Ludacris hangs in there, barely.

An interesting snapshot of LA. Cheadle’s point at the very beginning about people crashing into each other is spot on. The race thing got a bit old, though. Every scene is a race-motivated confrontation. Some of them were really effective, but it got a little repetitive and predictable. Would have been nice if there were other, deeper stories to tell. Traffic was a bit deeper in that respect.

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