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Deadpool (2016)

Directed by Tim Miller

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Karan Soni, Ed Skrein, Michael Benyaer


A much needed, refreshing take on the superhero movie. A few really good laughs, and the R rating really helps to add some intensity to a genre that was starting to roll over for the kids. They took a chance here, and I think it worked. Miller, a first time director, pulls it off.

A great vehicle for Reynolds, who really runs with the concept. Dialogue is fantastic, the banter with Vanessa was especially top-notch. I wonder how much of it was written vs. improvised. Underneath all the quips, I think there’s a quality actor in Reynolds. I found the moment when he comes to grips with his illness and contemplates the lines on his girlfriend’s face to be genuine and beautiful. One of these days, I hope Reynolds can really kill it with a dramatic role that makes you laugh and cry. Baccarin is foxy.

The only thing I didn’t like were all the self-referential, meta jokes about the movie itself. Obviously trying to be silly, but each joke jolts you out of an otherwise engaging, entertaining, and submersive experience.

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