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Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)

Directed by Susan Seidelman

Starring Rosanna Arquette, Madonna, Aidan Quinn, Mark Blum


Kinda cheesy (story, dialogue, music, costuming, effects) all around, but kinda fun and playful nonetheless. A bored housewife looks for some adventure, like True Lies. Only this housewife is sociopathic.

Madonna was OK, but Rosanna Arquette was HOT! Stephen Wright was pretty funny. For some reason, I keep getting him confused with Vincent Schiavelli. Metcalf always seems to play the same characters. Quinn sucked. I don’t think he acted well in this movie at all. Kinda strange since I liked him so much in Legends of the Fall. Maybe he grew as an actor. I was surprised to see John Turturro as the cab driver, even more surprised when I realised that it wasn’t Turturro, and even more surprised when the real Turturro appeared as the night club host. Nice tall, blond goon who doesn’t talk much, like the one in Fargo.

Neat colored lighting everywhere. Adding abstract color really makes a difference, like it did in True Romance. Nice “Jacky Chan” posters. The booming 80’s music before the story got rolling was a bit overdone. It didn’t work at the beginning, but at the end it worked fine.

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