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Female Perversions (1996)

Directed by Susan Streitfeld

Starring Tilda Swinton, Amy Madigan, Karen Sillas, Frances Fisher


That girl was pretty fucked up. If you were to put all the movies about sexual dysfunction (like The Cement Garden) together and analyzed them, you’d probably come up with some pretty interesting shit. Mean fathers can really fuck you up. A few neat metaphors (ropes during sex and a zillion more I probably didn’t pick up).

Bad acting all-around. Swinton was very disappointing. She’s not as great an actress as she led on to be in Orlando, and she’s just darn weird-looking. She needed more eye make-up or something. She’s got those facial twitches, she’s got a weird body, and her speech was awkward, almost as if she was trying to conquer an accent. And she’s too darn willing to get naked. We don’t want to see someone that weird-looking getting naked all the time, let alone getting horny. Madigan was good, but we didn’t need to see her naked either. Frances Fisher is a damn versatile actress. And what a muscular bod she had. Hard to believe that thats the same girl who did Titanic. I’ve always been fond of Laila Robins. And Porizkova too, obviously.

A lot of pretty gross stuff. We didn’t need to see the nipple-slicing. Lots of sex. The jump cuts in the bathroom really worked well, and the Kubrickian flashback was cool too.

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