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First Strike (1996)

Directed by Stanley Tong

Starring Jackie Chan, Jackson Liu, Annie Wu, Bill Tung


A lot of fun to watch. The choreography is simply amazing, and the music and fantastic photography of the action makes it even better. And Jackie is hilarious. His fantastic sense of humor is what makes the movie. His comedy has it all: the goofy physicality, his goofy expressions, his sense of timing, and what he has to say. Even the outtakes at the end are pretty good. The story is kinda dumb and sketchy, but that’s the tradition of movies like this. It’s still entertaining.

Pesky is a good word to describe Jackie. He’s so fast. With his amazing physicality, sense of humor, and foreign charm, Chan is like a budding Schwarzenegger. In his early films (like Schwarzenegger’s), Chan is a victim of circumstance, doing what he has to to stay alive. But as he gains in popularity, he could become the aggressor.

Nice Jaws scenes. Once again, they were really funny.

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