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For Love of the Game (1999)

Directed by Sam Raimi

Starring Kevin Costner, Kelly Preston, John C. Reilly, Jena Malone


More of a straight drama than a baseball movie. It’s more about the girl than the perfect game.

Costner is good. I’ve always loved his understated style. We even get to see him cry for the first time in what is probably the film’s most powerful scene. His shoulder pain was very realistic and a joy to watch. Amazing that he has starred in perhaps the three greatest baseball movies ever made. Preston’s a cutie.

The archival footage of a young Costner at the beginning fit perfectly. Loved the “focus mechanism” effect. It’s really like that when you’re up to bat, too. Loved the crane shot of Chapel from behind with the crowd in the background. A few teeny technical problems that only die-hard baseball fans would notice. For example, pitchers rarely talk to themselves on the mound. And hitters rarely smile. The action overall was believable but not totally realistic.

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