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Howards End (1992)

Directed by James Ivory

Starring Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson, Vanessa Redgrave, Helena Bonham Carter


The most astounding thing about this movie was the resemblance of Samuel West as Leonard Bast to Kevin Costner. He looked almost exactly like him, had the same expressions, and moved the same way. If Costner had been in this film, he would have played the part identically.

This movie is a good example of the art vs. entertainment theory. To be a good one, a movie needs both to be at the top of my ratings (public ratings are a different issue). If a movie is too much art and too little entertainment (or vice versa), it won’t be enjoyable. This movie was definitely a work of art, but I can’t sit and look at a painting for two hours, especially if it’s one I don’t particularly like.

The story was pretty good, but I felt it dragged on quite a bit. The same story probably could have been conveyed much more interestingly in under 90 minutes. I have to give credit to the fact that they provided an exceptionally accurate look at the past. It was very realistic, and it gave me a truer sense than I had ever had before of what the past was really like. The brotherly (or in this case, sisterly) love in this movie can be found in Like Water For Chocolate. Through thick or through thin, these families will stick together, even if it means being apart for a while. I felt myself hanging a bit at the end, asking myself what became of everybody.

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