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Knuckleball! (2012)

Directed by Ricki Stern, Anne Sundberg

Starring Tim Wakefield, Dave Lennon, Roger Angell, Ben McGrath


An honorable attempt to honor the knuckleball, but it’s a bit sloppy. We start with Wakefield and then we go to Dickey and then the older guys and then back to Wakefield and Dicky? Bouncing around doesn’t add anything, it just makes us wonder why we’re bouncing around. Might have been better to tell their stories sequentially, get a lot more out of the older guys, and finish up with a group chat in a bar or ballpark instead of grandpa’s living room.

Lots of content, but there’s also a lot of footage of Wakefield and Dickey driving around. Tightening up the editing and adding some coherent voiceover might have pulled things together nicely.

It’s not quite as dramatic as they tried to make it. Don’t know what purpose the haunting score served.

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