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Pearl Harbor (2001)

Directed by Michael Bay

Starring Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale, Josh Hartnett, William Lee Scott


Bay’s best, and one of his last that’s any good. An attempt at an epic, and admittedly long. They got a lot of accurate historical details in there, but left out the beaching of the Nebraska and the counter-flooding of another ship. Not sure about the ending.

It all really happened, almost too much, sad to watch, hit home. But it’s also a blockbuster at their expense, a big celebration with release of movie, lots of publicity. It would be nice if a portion of gross goes to military or veterans. I bet it would have made even more money.

A second wave of attacks give us a nice second wind. The addition of Midway was a nice bonus. Didn’t know we bombed Tokyo like that. How come no mention of the A-bombs?

The action was awesome and seemed realistic for the most part, few fuzzy CGIs. Well-shot, realistic dogfighting.

Good cast, and a lot of really good-looking people. Affleck’s best, but he’s not terribly good actor. Beckinsale has a nostalgic look, and she’s beautiful, but there are too many “dramatic” shots of her walking towards the camera. Sizemore seems to have a thing for war films. Goose is hilarious, wanted more from him. Cuba is not intrusive, but it’s true that they could (and should) make a whole other movie about his story. I was glad when camera guy got blown up. I’m glad the captain (Baldwin) lived. I would have liked to see Affleck get her pregnant and then die, and have his brother raise the baby.

I wonder what Japanese opinion of movie is.

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