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Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Directed by Quentin Tarantino

Starring Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Chris Penn


A good story, good characters, good acting, good style, and a very interesting storytelling technique. It is interesting how time sets the plot for this whole movie. I think it is much more interesting than the way time is manipulated in My Own Private Idaho. The transitions in this movie make chronological and narrative sense.

Tarantino was pretty good as an actor in the movie. I think that by the time he made Pulp Fiction, his fame had gone to his head, and his part in Pulp Fiction just showed him trying to do too much as an actor. Tarantino keeps an interesting set of character names, places, fetishes, and sayings throughout all of his films.

The weird thing about this movie is that I didn’t really like it as much when I first saw it because of its unconventionality, but after a few weeks of contemplation, I began to appreciate it, and after seeing it in the theater, I became a big fan of it. It is just unbelievable how bloody this movie is. Without the blood, though, it would be nothing.

Two questions. Who shot Eddie in the three-way shoot-out? And why did he reveal he was an undercover cop in the end? It cost him his life.

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