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Road Hard (2015)

Directed by Adam Carolla, Kevin Hench

Starring Larry Clarke, Jonathan Klein, Adam Carolla, Jim O'Heir


Like The Hammer, here’s another autobiographical movie from Carolla. A lot of references and metaphors
(Jay Mohr for Jimmy Kimmel, “Bro Show” for “Man Show”) which are distractingly obvious. Couldn’t we have really fictionalized some of this stuff? This is not supposed to be a documentary of Carolla’s life.

Some good lines. Much of the comedy is familiar to fans of Carolla. Thankfully, there’s some new stuff in there.

Made with a bunch of Carolla’s friends. All the supporting performances could have used a bit more polish. Even Carolla’s a little stiff. Some childish, gratuitous T&A.

Would probably be rated lower if I wasn’t such a fan of Carolla.

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