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Shine (1996)

Directed by Scott Hicks

Starring Geoffrey Rush, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Justin Braine, Sonia Todd


Well-made. A lot of beautiful shots, and a lot of metaphorical ones as well.

Interesting to watch the development of a child prodigy. Not sure what it was that really drove him over the edge. Rafalowicz semeed more or less with it after his breakdown in the concert hall when he calls his father from the phone booth. Then Rush enters as Helfgot, and he’s a nutcase. He can no longer maintain eye contact or hold a conversation. I was kind of unsatisfied that it took a computer to convince Gillian to marry Helfgot.

Great casting for Helfgot. Rafalowicz and Rush both do a fantastic job. Not sure that Rush deserved an Oscar for it, though, since he was really only half of the movie. He’s stuck somewhere between lead actor and supporting actor. Helfgot seems a lot like the autistic Raymond in Rain Man. And like Rain Man, Shine is a psychological exploration into such a character.

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