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Sin City (2005)

Directed by Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez

Starring Mickey Rourke, Clive Owen, Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba


The loosely connected stories are off-beat, comical, and horrific. Strange anachronisms, from cell phones to vintage cars to sports cars, make things extra weird. The whole thing is like a nightmare, actually. Frightening.

Extremely violent, lots of beatings and torture. Fringy characters try to outdo each other with annoyingly poetic dialogue. Tarantino’s influence is clear.

Nice cast, with lots of Tarantino regulars. Rourke and Willis play interesting characters. Wood is a bad-ass. Yes, Alba is hot.

A noir film on steroids, with flashes of blood and colored eyes. The contrasty black and white photography interspersed with glimpses of color is pretty cool. Special effects are mixed in pretty well.

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