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Sleepers (1996)

Directed by Barry Levinson

Starring Robert De Niro, Kevin Bacon, Brad Pitt, Jason Patric


Kind of like a combination of Stand By Me, Now and Then, and almost any courtroom drama. A typically nostalgic Levinson film, but more horrifying than usual. Bacon and the other guards are VERY scary, and the film as a whole is pretty disturbing. The story is decent. Good music. The cinematography is pretty good but moves a little too quickly for a more emotionally involved story like this.

De Niro is good, as I thought he would be, but it just doesn’t seem like he is cast right. He plays in a supporting role that makes it seem like his acting career is drawing to a close. Is it? An excellent performance by young Shakes, played by Joseph Perrino.

I think the film may have been a bit longer than it had to be (even the intro credits were pretty long). Why the title?

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