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Sleeping with the Enemy (1991)

Directed by Joseph Ruben

Starring Julia Roberts, Patrick Bergin, Kevin Anderson, Elizabeth Lawrence


Aside from Roberts, who was a relatively talented and exceptionally mature young actress, acting is this movie is completely awful. Every actor moves robotically and talks as if reciting from a script. It’s ironic that Ben plays a drama teacher in the movie.

And it’s not just the acting. This sort of on-the-nose filmmaking is insulting to me. Every lighting (let’s use spotlights to draw attention and make people look beautiful), music (so we know exactly when to be scared), expression (smiling when watching innocent children playing in a fountain), clothing (all black for the bad guy), and comedy (getting squirt in the face with the water fountain) cliche in the book. This is horrible directing. It’s no surprise that Ruben hasn’t made a single good movie in his career.

Some plot questions. Why is Laura with this asshole to begin with? There’s nothing to explain why she settled with this guy and tolerated his violent personality issues for so long. Why leave the wedding ring in toilet? Seems like a silly risk to take when she could have carried it with her and disposed of it in a safe place. Or dropped it into the ocean with a dramatic underwater shot, only for it to wash up onto the beach for Martin to find. And why was Laura so scared to talk to her mother on the phone? Wouldn’t the smart thing have been to warn her about Martin? Ben is completely creepy from the start. It’s laughable that Laura would fall for someone like that.

And what’s the meaning of the title? What enemy is she sleeping with?

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