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S&M: Short and Male (2008)

Directed by Howard Goldberg

Starring Anthony Alessandro, Allan Au, Mahzarin Banaji, Matt Campisi


Are we supposed to be laughing at them? Or taking the subject matter seriously? Can’t be both.

On one hand, there are heartfelt stories from a few of the short guys, the surgery segment is insane, and the voiceover seems to beg for sympathy and fairness. But then there’s circus music and cartoonish sound effects when a short guy walks a Manhattan sidewalk, jokes when handing out flyers in Times Square, horribly staged NOSSA board room meetings, lame stand-up routines about shortness, and the Seltzers looking into the camera and smiling while holding golf clubs. Even the movie poster is silly.

More personal, heartfelt stories from those victimized (the Seltzers were particularly interesting), an exploration of historical shortness, a deeper look at the Napoleon complex, and fewer sweeping generalizations from “professionals” would have made this a much better movie.

Goofy editing, excessive B-roll footage. Not very polished.

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