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Space Cowboys (2000)

Directed by Clint Eastwood

Starring Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland, James Garner


Good story, and the old guys do a good job. They seemed very comfortabe with each other, and it looked like they were having fun.

Good story, like a cross between The Right Stuff and Grumpy Old Men. Based in reality and very plausible, which makes it a lot more believable and more exciting. Some of the techno-babble might turn some people off, though. Why would the general would hide the fact that the satellite is armed with nuclear missiles?

Effects are good. Not sure about hte Unforgiven-like guitar music at the beginning. I liked the 50’s footage, but I’m not sure about the very obvious voice-overs. I LOVED the last shot in the movie. It would have made a great movie poster.

Eastwood was good, but he’s getting older. Jones does drama! The young Eastwood was perfect. Devane was very appealing. Great voice and expressions.

Hats off to Eastwood. A nice film for him to finish with.

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