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Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back [Special Edition] (1997)


As with the rest of the films in the series, a fantasy for kids. As with Star Wars, I was kinda disappointed, for most of the same reasons I explained before. It’ll be interesting to see if Lucas makes the 3 new movies the same way he made the old ones, or if he opts to make it in the modernized 90’s action style that seems to have swallowed everything.

He shouldn’t have stretched his original Star Wars script into 3 movies. You can tell, it was certainly a stretch. Kinda slow at times, and not much happens as a whole.

Excellent use of subordinate, less glaring characters. It’s a lost art. Today, everyone (even the extras and bit parts) wants to take center stage, and that just detracts from the impact of the stars.

The new stuff doesn’t really make a difference.

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