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Superman Returns (2006)

Directed by Bryan Singer

Starring Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, James Marsden


Capturing the magic of the original is a nearly impossible task, but Singer’s unoriginal imitation with a few updated special effects doesn‚Äôt even make an attempt. There’s not much that’s new here. Interesting how they used the same music as the original with only a few new accents.

Overall, I don’t think the cast is experienced or interesting enough to make the story believable or dramatic. Routh is not bad, but he’s no Reeve. He pulls off the pensive thing pretty well, and his Superman persona is pretty good, but he’s not nearly as goofy as Reeve’s Kent. Again, an imitation. Spacey’s pretty good, but his character is too simple. Another villain might have been interesting. I can see Marsden returning as a bad guy after Superman steals Lois…

The updated flying effects are really nice, but he looks a bit plasticky at times. The bullet-in-the-eyeball shot was awesome.

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