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The Beach (2000)

Directed by Danny Boyle

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel York, Patcharawan Patarakijjanon, Virginie Ledoyen


An interesting blend of Mosquito Coast, Lord of the Flies, and Rambo. A must-see for every backpacker, as it really captures the essence of the experience. A lot of Richard’s philosophies are spot on.

Leo’s getting better, defining a real persona for himself. His chiseled but youthful appearance and goofy demeanor are a wonderful combination. Nice to see Swinton making the move to mainstream cinema. Sammy Sosa in a supporting role.

The kissing scene in the water was magical. The club music is unusual but works unusually well. A further exploration of Richard’s video game obsession (as there seems to be in the book) would have made the video game forest sequence a little less weird.

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