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The Black Hole (1979)

Directed by Gary Nelson

Starring Maximilian Schell, Anthony Perkins, Robert Forster, Joseph Bottoms


Like Tron, this is from Disney’s dark period.¬†Disney wouldn’t get their shit together until the late 80’s. I’d love to see a movie like this get released today. It would make $0.

Made back when effects didn’t have to be too believable, and horror could be generated from imposing characters, scary music, and an unsettlingly ambiguous plot. Probably to avoid lengthy scientific dialogue and because of limitations of special effects, they tried hard to make the black hole scary with redundant, superficial dialogue. Strangely ambiguous but undoubtedly religious ending. I remember this movie terrifying me when I was a kid.

Maximilien was cool. Vincent was maybe a bit too cute. The ESP with Vincent was hilarious. Why does there always have to be a hot-head with stupid lines in every space movie?

The meteor rolling through the spaceship reminded me of Raiders of the Lost Ark. That journey through the black hole was a lot like the journey in Contact. That eyeball close-up in space reminded me of the trapped villains floating in space shot in Superman III. And the shot of the huge ship going into the black hole reminded me of the aircraft carrier going into the time warp in The Final Countdown.

I used to have a Black Hole lunchbox.

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