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The Colorful Montreal Expos (2016)

Directed by Andrew Brenner

Starring Rodger Brulotte, Gary Carter, Andre Dawson, Michael Farber


A nice collection of polished and well-paced footage, and Shatner’s narration is pretty good. But having personal knowledge of the subject makes me critical of its accuracy and thoroughness.

My take on it, as someone who knows the recent history of the Montreal Expos quite well, is that it is sorely lacking in detail, especially around the 1994 season, the farm system, international scouting, and Montreal’s brilliant player development by by Dave Dombrowski and Dan Duquette. I would have liked to see more interviews from other long-time Expos players, at least more than more than just Cromartie, Raines, Floyd, and a nodding Andre Dawson. And doesn’t everyone want to know where the quirky logo came from? A lot was missing.

Kind of a cheesy title. If they’re going with this, it’s gotta be “Colourful”.

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