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The Mosquito Coast (1986)

Directed by Peter Weir

Starring Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, River Phoenix, Conrad Roberts


A story about a genius and a genius-in-training. One of the best movies for intellectual enjoyment. The movie is really a social statement, and it really makes you think. Recommended viewing for all geniuses.

Allie really was a genius. The character was fascinatingly complex and very real. I agree with everything he said, and I have said or thought a lot of the same things myself. The biggest difference between him and me is that he is a lot more vocal and obsessively driven than I am. Does relating to him so closely make me a genius? Very similarcharacter to Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

The film accurately portrays a genius and the world as his opponent. It accurately represents the complexity of the relationship between a genius and his friends, family, and society, and how a genius can be ostracized because of his genius. The film is full of cool metaphors supporting the “genius vs. the world” idea (i.e. going upstream, while “dead” things go downstream). Fantastic ending, but it might have been even better without any score. Great to see that a star like Ford took a role like this. It wouldn’t be the same with a nobody in the role. And he did a great job. Perhaps his best performance.

To play a convincing genius, you must be a genius actor. To write a story with a convincing genius character, you must be a genius writer. So now we know that there were at least two geniuses involved in the production of this movie.

Great acting, great dialogue, great photography. Just not too sure about River’s voice-over It wasn’t a constant throughout the film, and I often found myself sypathizing with Allie rather than him, so I wonder if it was really necessary.

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