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The Theory of Everything (2014)

Directed by James Marsh

Starring Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, Tom Prior, Sophie Perry


Thoughtfully made with just the right amount of magic. Most know Hawking as the smart guy in a wheelchair, but this film shows the world what a tragic figure he really is. What a treat that Hawking is alive for us to give this to him.

It’s the performances that make this movie special. Redmayne as Hawking is heartbreakingly good. Jones as Jane is also great and very cute. Both are Oscar material. And the supporting characters give genuine, carefully controlled performances. Through language and mannerisms, all the performances are appropriately nuanced for the time period. Wonderful aging makeup and authentic period costumes make it even more real. This is great direction by Marsh.

The photography and editing are polished. Love the closing credits.

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