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This Is It (2009)

Directed by Kenny Ortega

Starring Michael Jackson, Alex Al, Alexandra Apjarova, Nick Bass


As close to the real show as we’re ever going to get. He was ready to do this show, no doubt about it.

A closer look at Michael and his working habits. Most people have only seen performances and tabloid clips, never this side of him. Had more footage of Michael as a regular guy been released during his lifetime, it might have helped his reputation and legal troubles.

At age 50, he still has it. Amazing dancer. When I watch him move, I can’t take my eyes off his feet and legs gliding around with no effort. I think his emaciated frame helps him float around like that and cut his moves so sharply. He doesn’t have all the extra weight to throw around. If he had not been a performer, Michael may have been a good badminton player or flyweight boxer. His face, admittedly, is a freak show.

Michael’s genius is apparent. He’s on top of his music and choreography, and he seems to be pretty good working with people. Talented supporting cast of singers and dancers and musicians. Orianthi is very talented and fun to watch.

I had no idea they normally recorded this much footage during rehearsals. And the sound quality is amazing. How much did they fix it up in post? In any case, marvelous editing of multiple rehearsals and obviously incomplete footage to create something coherent and engaging, if not a bit long due to the lack of a real story or dramatic arc. Including interviews from family, friends, colleagues, and fans recorded after his death may have helped make it more cohesive and would definitely have made it more dramatic.

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