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Tiger King (2020–2021)

Starring Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, John Reinke


A remarkable collection of footage, the crew was there for everything. When they shot out in the open, everything seemed to happen naturally right in front of them. And when there was a private confrontation or phone call, someone was there to record it secretly. So much footage.

How does a paranoid narcissist allow this much raw footage and unadulterated access to his life? How does he allow this crew to get footage of him at his worst? Do these people know we’re making fun of them? How did they open up and be so candid? Then again, I wonder how much Joe, Antle, and Carole were paid for this kind of access.

In the end, all of these characters are freak-shows, and it’s this unflinching deep dive into the weirdness that makes this documentary so intriguing. The dramatic arc is a bit thin, though. A murder-for-hire plot sends someone to prison, that’s a story hardly worth 5 hours of screentime.

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