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Wrong Side of Town (2010)

Directed by David DeFalco

Starring Rob Van Dam, Dave Bautista, Lara Grice, Edrick Browne


There’s something endearing about that main character, but when you look like that, you can’t play it straight. That just makes you look goofy. Just as there is something distinctive about your look, there has to be something distinctive about your personality. That’s one of the things that really worked for Arnold. He was able to mix his muscles with ridiculous roles and a ridiculous accent. It all worked.

And his name? Van Dam? He’s wrestler and actor who kicks guys’ asses, and he couldn’t have chosen a different stage name?

Bautista’s got a cool look, but he’s no actor. I love how he gets first billing on the poster and isn’t even the main character.

Low production value, crap editing. I guess this is what you get with an estimated $1,500,000 budget.

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