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X-Men (2000)

Directed by Bryan Singer

Starring Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Famke Janssen


Good story. A great adaptation, and definitely trilogy material. A great series introduction and perhaps the best first movie ever, planting a lot of seeds for future plots (particularly Wolverine’s past and his vague connection with Magneto) without leaving any glaring wholes in this one. The cast is signed on, but let’s just hope Singer stays aboard. The superhero fomula, social outcasts rise up and above their physical abnormalities, works again. Nice tie-in with WWII. A timely release, so soon after the announcement of the completed human genome map.

Casting, acting, and costuming is all perfect. Wolverine is particularly good. The role seems to have been written for him. Stewart and McKellan have great chemistry together and make great rivals, taking positions similar to MLK and Malcolm X on the issue of “being different”. Nice to see Singer and McKellan working together again. No Nightcrawler? Hopefully he’ll show up in the sequels.

A few funny moments. Wolverine giving the finger, calling Cyclops a dick. The “yellow spandex” comment was good.

Some nice photography. The action sequences are really good, almost perfect. The camera following Wolverine as he hoists himself back up onto the Statue of Liberty was fantastic. Excellent effects. Always motivated and never overdone.

The identity-changing morphs and who-is-who plot twists seem to provide the depth which allows for sequels and trilogies. Similar effects and plot twists are used in Terminator 2 and Mission: Impossible 2.

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