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28 Up (1984)

Directed by Michael Apted

Starring Bruce Balden, Jacqueline Bassett, Symon Basterfield, Andrew Brackfield


So nice to see how some of these borderline kids have really turned things around. And we owe thanks to them for allowing us to get such a deep look at their lives. Having literally known them their whole lives, it’s amazing how vulnerable they seem even at age 28.

As I had guessed (and of course biased by my own personal experiences), your personality is pretty grounded by age 7, but how you apply it and how you use it to interact with the world around you comes later. The stretch between 21 and 28 is really when you figure out who you are.

The whole series is as valuable to us as I’m sure it is to each of the participants.

Why the ominous music at the end?

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