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61* (2001)

Directed by Billy Crystal

Starring Barry Pepper, Thomas Jane, Anthony Michael Hall, Richard Masur


Pepper’s not bad, Jane is OK. He’s certainly got the Mick’s swing down. Nice seeing Candiotti, but I wish we could have seen real footage of a knuckleball rather than a CGI.

Sterile, like a Ron Howard film. Everyone is so perfect and righteous and well-spoken and well-grooomed. The acting sems stale and the dialogue seems stunted. The lighting is always even. No style. Disappointed seeing something like this come from a veteran like Crystal.

The expository introduction of every known factoid about the event at the beginning of every conversation (presumably for the sake of non-fans) was annoying. The film would have been embraced by true fans of the game if it was really made for them.

Dumb bookends, but I guess they were necessary considering that the film was made just after McGwire’s own record.

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