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Die Jungfrauen Maschine (1988)

Directed by Monika Treut

Starring Ina Blum, Marcelo Uriona, Gad Klein, Peter Kern


Expressionistic lighting. In fact, much of the film’s style is Expressionistic, and it’s really neat seeing that style with a contemporary American setting. Interesting seeing a foreigner getting accustomed to America through her eyes. What the hell kind of hotel was she staying in?

I liked her look. Good actress. Seemed like she was out of the 20’s. Part of it was her eye make-up, but I think part of it was the look in her eyes and her demeanor. Some atrocious American acting. Susie, the dildo expert, was really funny. The wannabe-guy dancer was pretty funny. Some pretty intense lesbian love.

The cheesy 80’s music sounded like Nintendo music a few times, but I heard a few chords from The Professional in there somewhere. I caught that U2 album painting of a woman holding a baby over her head.

No love in America. Refreshing to see a film admit it.

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