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Enemy of the State (1998)

Directed by Tony Scott

Starring Will Smith, Gene Hackman, Jon Voight, Lisa Bonet


Complicated plot. Why didn’t the goose-lover just give them the tape, though? And why didn’t Will Smith just give them the tape? The kid takes the tape, just like in Mr. Nice Guy.

Very long, which isn’t good for an action movie. Once the boredom sets in, the action is ruined. Aside from the technological mumbo-jumbo (a lot of which is stupid), the writing is crap. So many cliches. “This guy is good.” Yuck. And no, there aren’t really $500,000 cameras in lingerie stores on circular tracks with brains like that.

Had a lot in common with True Romance. A lot of bright colors (I think Tony has something against blue skies) and a big (well, not really) shootout with Sizemore at the end. I even caught the line about Drexel Univeristy. Way too much music. It doesn’t ake up for the lack of drama in the story. Tony seems to love using telephotos and dolly shots.

Will Smith is kind of annoying. He’s just not funny to me, and those moments when you’re supposed to stop the story and listen to him make a joke just don’t work. That Saving Private Ryan Lebanese dude is awesome. Hackman was pretty good, not as annoying as he usually is. Neat seeing Bonet again. She seemed timid somehow. Was it the acting or the actress?

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