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Highlander (Director’s Cut) (1986)


Why MacLeod? Why is he chosen to be immortal? Why is anyone chosen? And who chooses? Why did MacLeod and Brenda decide to kiss and screw right after MacLeod reveals that he’s immortal and stabs himself? I don’t get it.

Lambert does a decent job. That accent just irritates me. Nothing against the French, but when they try to speak English they just always sound stupid. He’s got intense eyes, but unfortunately they’re always intense, even when the moment calls for a kindler and gentler Connor MacLeod. Connery was pretty good but dies too soon. Clancy Brown plays Kruger, the wily German-looking villain, similar to Karl in Die Hard.

A lot of really cool cuts but a few retarded ones. Long shots, a cheesy score, and stale supporting acting, all typical of 80’s movies. A lot of wide-angle tracking (reminiscent of the Terminator police station scene) and crane shots, which are sometimes disorienting. The stunts (what was with all those backflips?) and swordplay are decent, and the special effects are OK. The ending sequence looked like A-Ha’s video for “Take On Me”.

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