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No Time to Die (2021)

Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga

Starring Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas, Rami Malek


So many characters in this one. I’ve seen all the Bonds, but it was still hard for me to follow along. Great to see Waltz back, but he competed with Malek for attention as the film’s primary villain. Lynch is a nice addition, de Armas is fun, but she’s only with us for a few minutes.

One of my biggest issues with the story is the reveal of Bond’s child. First, we’re told that it’s not his, but then, with no beat and with no change in score, casual dialogue between characters over several scenes seems to suggest that it is. This is big, perhaps the single dramatic event that might have affected Bond more than any other, and it’s entirely glossed over. There’s no grand moment when Bond makes the realization, and that’s a scene that could have been very dramatic and even very funny. A big miss, in my opinion.

The chemistry between Craig and Seydoux is merely OK. It’s too bad they couldn’t find an actress or performance that could reproduce the chemistry Bond had with Vesper in Casino Royale, as that’s one of the things that would have really helped this film along. Touching story with daughter, but I think they could have milked it a bit more. Awkward how Swann denied the child was Bond’s early on, though I guess that was a necessary plot device.

Action is pretty good, especially the longer-take stairwell gunfight. The arm break at the end was delightfully brutal. But perhaps Craig is right. By the time you get to your early 50’s, you’re reaching the end of your ability to handle this kind of physical role.

At the end, seeing him go in a flash of blinding light seemed a bit cheesy. Thanks for the memories, Craig.

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