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Orlando (1993)

Starring Felicity Palmer, Rosemary Joshua, Rosa Mannion


One of the most beautifully shot films I have ever seen. Fantastic colors and great composition. Great use of sound and music. Marvelous set and costume design. Fabulous flavor. Has that same eerie flavor that The Devils has. The looking at the camera bits I didn’t like. I found them kind of jarring.

Timeless story, which is kinda neat. Neat how Kubrickian title cards segment the story into concrete themes. And neat how certain issues (women, war) put her into a deep, meditative sleep. Did she become a woman, or was she always a woman who masquerading as a man? If the latter, how did she get so far without anyone knowing? What exactly made her immortal? Great final moment, staring into the camera, allowing us to figure out for ourselves what we are looking at. But the angel was kind of gay.

Fantastic job by Swinton, an Oscar worthy performance. Probably the most adrogynous, eerie face ever. Neat casting for the queen. Zane was good but brief. It was nice to see a familiar face in this film. Sasha was a cutie.

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