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Pulp Fiction (1994)

Directed by Quentin Tarantino

Starring Tim Roth, Amanda Plummer, Laura Lovelace, John Travolta


Tarantino (the writer and director) seems to enjoy playing with time in his movies, and bringing it all together in the end, like he did in Reservoir Dogs. Tarantino once again manipulates time to construct a plot that offers interesting twists of fate and fortune. Yeah, Pulp Fiction was very unconventional and “risqu?©” in the way it brought out a more druggy side of America, and that is why I think most people are going to like it so much. It is just so different from other “drug movies,” and it is more graphic than any other “drug movie” ever made, and that attracts those people who crave the unusual. If this is pure Tarantino, I’m a little surprised. I’m not the fan of his work I thought I was.

I’d say this film is a cross between the drugged, plotless Bad Lieutenant and the twisted Reservoir Dogs, complete with Harvey Keitel. The plot is sometimes a little difficult to follow (although it all comes together by the time the credits are rolling), but it does offer some neat twists after making storyline connections. The film is very unconventional; the first half is an almost plotless showcase for drugs and drug use.

I thought the movie was very incoherent. The individual scenes were great, and the way he presents them is brilliant. But sometimes the plot just doesn’t connect. If it’s individual stories connected a bit more, I think it would have made it a more interesting story being told. I just think that had the story been put together more chronologically (as True Romance was), it would have been a much better movie.

It was only recently when I found out that Tarantino revealed that the content of that lighted briefcase was Marcellus’ soul. I never even realized that. I didn’t know Tarantino was so deep (and so gay). I thought all of his work was pretty superficial (but enjoyable nonetheless).

Bruce Willis (in my opinion) has emerged as a stable, reliable action star who has “that special look.” His exceptional performance in Die Hard introduced him to the game, but his small role in Pulp Fiction has demonstrated his versatility, ability, and durability.

Basically, it was a pretty good movie, but I was expecting a little more. After seeing Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs and True Romance, I thought he was a genius, but Pulp Fiction, his newest work that he has written and directed, has led me to believe otherwise.

The rumor is that Tarantino wants to get into acting. Well, he has a long way to go judging from his performance in Pulp Fiction. However, his Reservoir Dogs debut was pretty good.

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