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Rush Hour (1998)

Directed by Brett Ratner

Starring Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Ken Leung, Tom Wilkinson


A pretty good action movie with a good story and some great lines. Tucker’s really funny. It’s amazing, for a young guy who’s just breaking into comedy, his identity is so defined. He’s got the voice, the eyes, the lines, and the “I’m a Black bad-ass” angle on everything. Tucker’s a lot like a young Eddie Murphy. He also had a zit on his forehead throughout the entire movie. Jackie was Jackie. The little girl was actually pretty good for a change.

Once again, the Chan formula works. An out-of-towner comes to America to kick ass. Only problem is that he doesn’t kick enough ass. He’s slowing down a bit, but he’s still good. He’s just getting old. Overall, much better acting and less cheese than the older Chan movies.

Could be a bit better with some more emphasis on Tucker’s comedy, some better Chan action, or a better ending.

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