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Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi [Special Edition] (1997)


It was nice too see some real drama in this film after putting up with the stretched out and remarkably thin plots of the first two films. It is in this film that everything comes together and makes the Star Wars saga a real story. This film also has flavor that others didn’t seem to have. The others seemed more sterile somehow. This film was also very long, and in this case, it was a good thing.

The action is wonderful. Unlike the other films, the action and special effects are dramatically motivated, suspenseful, and well-done. The special effects, of course, are flawed at some points, but they still seemed more realistic in this film (maybe because they were dramatically motivated) and looked great.

The story of Luke and no one else. Luke made an interesting and believable transition in character. Overall, the dialogue was shitty, and this made the characters (especially Solo, a character driven most by his witty dialogue) seem fake. Probably the films biggest fault. I still wanna hear Solo swear. You know he’s thinking it. He seems restrained somehow, and therefore unbelievable.

Question: If the emporer has such command of the force, why didn’t he fly out of the genrator when he is thrown in by Vader? Vader unmasked looks a lot like the man on the moon in Melies’ Voyage to the Moon. Was that intentional?

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