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Wit (2001)

Directed by Mike Nichols

Starring Emma Thompson, Christopher Lloyd, Eileen Atkins, Audra McDonald


Depressing, almost too depressing. There’s more to drama than watching somebody suffer. A bit of humor might have actually made it more touching.

Thompson is excellent as a cancer patient. She’s definitely fun to listen to, but she comes across as a bit elitist. Which, of course, makes me care for her a bit less. And she has no family or personal friends (aside from her teacher). If nobody else cares, why should I care?

For the most part, well made. I just don’t enjoy that whole addressing-the-camera thing. It’s too theatrical/unreal. I think it got more emotional when she finally became too incapacitated to wise off to the camera. Almost every shot is devoid of color, which really helps the mood. Is this just a consequence of shooting in a hospital?

Aside from the references to wit, not sure of the title. What’s the message? That wit is what keeps you alive? That once your wit goes, you life goes with it? Is that true for everyone?

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